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The Funeral Director was very kind and respectful. He let us take all the time we needed. The mortician was so kind and considerate. She did such a good job with my son. My family was absolutely satisfied with no complaints- the staff was amazing. I will definitely recommend Newcomer's and with no hesitation using their services again. 
~ Frank   L. - 7/1/2020

There's not enough words to describe our experience with Newcomer. Everyone we dealt with were extremely caring, considerate and kind. I don't think there's any way to improve your service! It was so far and above what I expected for a less expensive funeral home. I will highly recommend Newcomer to any of my friends who may need your services. 
~ Carol   R. - 11/28/2019

Wonderful, caring and professional people! We truly appreciate everything that was done!
~ Sharon   K. - 11/5/2019

Mr. Hamilton was so comforting, when I got there I was so upset. He was so wonderful and made sure I was aware of everything and didn't have questions. Mr. Hamilton and the receptionist made it special for me and I would reccomend them anytime.
~ Charlotte   E. - 11/1/2019

This is our third time you have helped/served our family, Mother (6/16), my husband (6/19) and our father (9/19). We appreciate all of your help and kindness - All were amazing. 
~ Kathy   B. - 10/18/2019

Mr. Owen and his staff were wonderful. He went above and beyond for me and I'll never forget his kindness. Also, the video that Yolanda created was so beautiful and I received so many compliments. Highly satisfied!
~ Felicia   F. - 9/18/2019

Thank you Hamilton you help five emotional daughters planning their mothers funeral .You made us feel like we were your family and had the answer to all our questions . The day of visitation you and the staff were great and were their for everything we needed ,you comforted 94 family members that loved Helen F Roach.Hamilton you and the staff were their for us on an emotional day when we said good bye and buried our mom . Thank you for making us feel like family. I would recommend Newcomers Funeral Home to anyone , who his dealing with the loss of a love one.
~ Donna   W. - 8/9/2019

Zack and the staff were very supportive and kind.  The sweet soul in the office helped me with the outfit and final prep before she left for vacation, including a hug when I needed it most.  She's an angel. Thank you!
~ Gina   B. - 4/25/2019

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